Winter vs Summer Puppies

You have decided you want to get a new member of your family and start the search for a puppy. There are plenty of dog breeds to choose from that come in a whole range of shape and sizes (and all of them are incredibly cute). Beyond the size and shape you are taking into consideration the if your new puppy will fit in well with your lifestyle, if they will blend with current family and so much more. In this article we are going to focus on one of those many factors you should take into consideration ... when your puppy is born.

Pros of a Summer Pup

All the plus sides that come with getting a puppy in the summer is the warmth. If you are living in the a place that has warm weather all the time then you will receive all the summer benefits year round. The first benefit that comes with the summer puppies is that house training will be easier. This begins when the puppy is first born before they even come into your home. When the puppies are born in the spring or summer it is easier for the breeder to take them outside and get them used to going potty on the grass. In the winter most puppies don’t love the cold so it is easier to get them to go potty on fake grass or an old piece of carpet then getting them to go outside. So when summer puppies enter your home they are used to going potty outside and winter puppies are used to going on carpet like substance. You can see that the winter puppy owners are going to have their work cut out for them.

The next benefit of warm weather is that people and their dogs are out and about. This includes you. In the warm, long days of summer it is easier for you to take your puppy on walks, get them used to a leash, and get exercise. Other dog owner will be outside as well which mean socializing for your puppy. This is an important area of training your pup. Socialize benefits can range from physical heath to easier pet visits. Dog parks, farmer markets, and trails will be more popular in the warm months. These dog friendly places are a great chance to introduce your dogs to others dogs and humans.

There are more puppy classes are available in the summer for the simple reason that it is hard to have dog classes inside and once again puppies don’t like being in the cold especially for long periods of time. It will be easier to find a puppy class to get into in the summer.

Pros of a Winter Pup

A big part of getting a puppy is having the time to bond, train, and take care of them. Summer vacations are very popular. Taking a vacation right as your get a puppy is not a good idea. It can throw off their training and their bonding with you. In the winter, especially when it gets cold people spend more time inside where you can be with and train your dog.

With a season of holidays it can be a good and bad thing. The good is that you may have more time off or flexibility with your schedule to spend with your new pup. The bad is that you may be busy with holiday parties and spending time with family instead of with your time training your pup. 

So When Is The Best Time?

The best time to get a puppy is when you are completely ready and have the time to really commit to the pup’s training. Putting in this time to train is creating good habits in your dog for years to come. Summer has more of advantages because of the warm weather, but if you have a lot of vacations planned or are super busy summer is not the time to get a dog. Think about and evaluate when you will have the most time to dedicate to your dog and plan around what works best for you.